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This Week's Youth Activity


This week, our Youth Coordinator, Sandy Crump, will have another activity for the children that teaches Unity principles.

Our Commitment to Youth Education

Downtown Unity Circle is small but growing church and we know how important it is to provide quality classes for our children.  Therefore, we have experienced teachers that have taught at all age levels. Our Sunday morning youth classes at the same time as our main Sunday service, 10:30 AM.  The children, ages 4 - 12 meet in the room just to the left as you enter the building.

While our congregation is still relatively small we have big plans.  Part of our strategic plan is to lease our own facility later this year.  When we do that we will expand the number of classes and the range of ages we can handle.  Until then, we do have to ask that small children and older children attend the main church service with their parents.

Our Youth Education Staff

  Sandy Crump - Youth Education Coordinator

Sandy is in charge of the Y.E. curriculum.  She is an elementary school teacher at a local school.  Currently, Sandy leads our Y.E. classes for 4 year olds through elementary.

Roberta Leahy   Roberta Leahy - Youth Education Teacher
Bree   Bree Williams - Youth Education Teacher

Our Blessing on the Youth of Downtown Unity

Youth of Downtown Unity
We love you,
We bless you,
And we behold the Christ in you!